Our inn is opened during weekends and holidays. We offer lunch and dinner and for the guests, which stay overnight, breakfast as well. Treat yourself or the two of you to an authentic rustic meal! Our offer also includes the option of reservation for small or large groups, which can celebrate special events (birthdays, baptism, the Holy Communion, confirmation, a special celebration for the 50th birthday or any other special occasion) at our inn. We can prepare a simple rustic meal as well as festive banquets depending on the desires of our guests. For larger festive banquets (such as a wedding) our guests tend to decide for the »all inclusive« option, where the price (25,00 €) covers a welcome drink, a festive 5-course menu and unlimited drinks. The dining room capacity is 60 persons, and in the warmer months of the year there is also a summer garden, which has a capacity of 60 persons as well.

Our most known dishes include cold cuts from homemade dried meat products (prosciutto, pork neck, salami, rolled pancetta). Well ripened cheese from the neighbouring farmer is the perfect counter balance to dried meat products, accompanied with the delicate taste of freshly baked home made bread.

Our most favourable warm appetizer is the mushroom soup, made from porcini, which are picked in the close vicinity of our farm.

In the summer our guests are most enthusiastic about the roast and roasted potatoes or young potatoes,. The winter awakens different flavours and the guests mainly crave for homemade black pudding, sausages, and ribs with some delicious sour cabbage as a popular side dish.

We must not forget about the house speciality – roulades, filled with cottage cheese, walnuts or chocolate, which will put the finishing touch on your experience of our homemade specialities.


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