The farm is located at the top of a hill, over the confluence of the Soča River and Idrijca River, on the periphery of the Bainsizza plateau with a lovely view on the Julian Alps and the Friuli region.

You can reach our farm with a car, bus, motorcycle or bicycle. The train station is only 6,5 km away. If you approach from Idrija-Nova Gorica, you must make a sharp left turn in the town Most na Soči and go towards the village Lom (signpost). You go uphill for approximately 5 km and then make another left turn and drive uphill for an additional 2 km.

Distant we are from:
Letališče Ljubljana Brnik- 84km
Letališče pri Benetkah Treviso- 175km
Ljubljana- 97km
Bovec- 48km
Nova Gorica- 42km
Reka- 172km
Trst- 92km
Munchen- 422km

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