Catering & hospitality

With us you do not stay hungry. Guests can use a wide range of domestic products.


We are very respected by newlyweds, because they have a very favorable performance of the most beautiful life event.


Guests who are from more distant places on offer a wide range of accommodation.

About us

Our farm extends over 20 ha and is located at the altitude of 755 m. We are a family of four (4) and agriculture is our way of life. In 2001 we have also registered a supplementary activity at our farm and have been very active since. We are open all throughout the year and each season of the year has its own charm and brings along some special farming activities as well. We work with dairy cows and they give milk throughout the entire year. Besides milk production we also rear other types of cattle, pigs, hens, rabbits and a goat. We do our best to be self-sufficient in the area of essential foods (eggs, meat, milk etc.).

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Turistična kmetija Široko
Izletniški in stacionarni turizem
Tolminski Lom 41a
5216 Most na Soči


+386 (0)5 388 72 20,
+386 (0)41 280 966,
+386 (0)31 252 786


Saturday from 12.oo to 21.oo
Sunday from 12.oo to 21.oo
Feasts from 12.oo to 21.oo

On January 1st and Novemebr 1st we are closed!